naumovski vangel

Vangel Naumovski was Born in 1924 in Ohrid , Macedonia, formal YU. He was interested in art at a young Age, but this led nowhere as he left School after third grade and worked a series of add Jobs. - gardener, farmer, butcher.
After stint in the army , he enrolled in art School in Skoplje in 1946, lasting a year. He then worked in a woodcarwing shop in Ohrid for therteen years. During this time he was painting , initially in a folk myth style whch led to hem being considered a Naive Artist.
In the early 60s his painting morphed into a gooey sort of surrealism. His first exhibited inYugoslavia in the 50s, and later hed one-man Shows in Rome , London, Paris, and Toronto. At same point he started a Gallery in hes home in Ohrid . He died in 2006.

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Naziv slike     


ÖL /Leintuch auf Hartplatte
Freis Diameter 68 cm
sign, cyrilisch 1961
CH privat NV 300 101

price: 2.800 EUR


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